How To Apply Foundation – Guide Step By Step To Flawless Skin

Being a Diva and looking flawless everytime is not an easy task, it takes a professional to reach that place. But a professional is also created from a beginner. Starting makeup at a beginners level can be quiet overwhelming since it includes the use of several products. Even application of foundation has several steps and […]

How To Apply Makeup Primer : Guide Step By Step

If you are a person who loves makeup but cannot understand why it keeps on caking on your face, this article is the right one for you. The simple step to make your makeup look fabulous is just applying a little primer before everything. Now if you ask What Is Primer, the answer is simple. […]

How To Apply Makeup On Face : Guide Step By Step

Need a daily makeup routine, but unsure of how to do it properly? Confused about which makeup product to go for first? Worry not, this step by step guide will help you look fabulous in no time. You can do your own makeup at the comfort of your home without any glam squad. This guide […]

How To Apply Eye Makeup : Guide Step by Step

While scrolling through Instagram looking at the “Instagram models”, many of you might have thought that they must have hired professional makeup artists for themselves. But that is not the case most of the time. ye, many of them have their personal makeup artists, but most Instagram models do their makeup on their own. They […]

How To Apply Eyeshadow : Guide Step By Step

Applying eye makeup can seem a little tricky task to many, as there are lots of products and techniques. Everything seems to be confusing and sometimes doesn’t even  makes sense. It could be difficult task for regular makeup users too, it is time consuming and takes a lot of effort. But in the end, the […]

How To Apply Eyelashes Step by Step Guide

How To Apply Eyelashes For Beginners Having thick and full eyelashes is every girl’s dream, they get jealous every time they see a woman or a man with those heavy and wavy eyelashes, flaunting like the asset they are. If you are such girl or lady who want to have a beautiful look with heavy […]

How to Apply Pencil Eyeliner Step By Step Guide

This kind of eyeliner is generally the first we as a whole begin with. It’s best used to line the waterline and furthermore to make a smokey look. For those who need a full day eyeliner look the pencil eyeliner is the easy decision. How to Apply Eyeliner Pencil To apply pencil eyeliner you will […]

How to Apply Makeup Step by Step Tutorial

Makeup is not about putting a mask on your face, it’s about being artistic, expressing yourself and seeing yourself the way you want to see. Do you also don’t feel going a day without makeup? Are you also worried about the imbalances and blunders you make in your makeup?  Then we’ve got these super amazing […]