How To Apply Eye Makeup : Guide Step by Step

While scrolling through Instagram looking at the “Instagram models”, many of you might have thought that they must have hired professional makeup artists for themselves. But that is not the case most of the time. ye, many of them have their personal makeup artists, but most Instagram models do their makeup on their own. They all startaed at beginners level, and with practice the learned how to be a pro at it.

How To Apply Eye Makeup

To learn how to do Eye Makeup Step By Step you can continue reading.

How To Apply Eye Makeup Professionally

To apply eye makeup professionally. you should keep some things in mind.

  • Invest in a good quality Brush
  • Blender brush is a must have
  • Always use a good quality primer
  • Choose the right color of eye shadow
  • Find your desired look
  • Dare to combine

How To Apply Eye Makeup Step By Step 

To learn How To Do Eye Makeup at home, this simple tutorial can be followed.

Step 1. Start with cleaning your eyes. After that apply primer and conceal the dark parts of your eyes.

How To Do Eye Makeup

Step 2. Apply eye shadow of your choice. you can start with highlighting the area under the brows, apply some white eye shadow in the inner corner of the eyes.

How To Do Eye Makeup

Step 3. Apply eyeliner. Draw a wing for dramatic look, or a simple thin line for casual look. you can also try a Simple Makeup With Eyeliner without any eye shadow. Just draw a simple but little thick eyeliner and add mascara over it.

Natural Eye Makeup

Step 4. Eye Lashes. Curl your eyelashes and apply some mascara. You can opt for false lashes too if you need a party look.

How To Do Eye Makeup

Natural Eye Makeup

For this you can use a simple liquid eyeliner and a mascara, which will give you an effortless look. It takes very little time, and can be used as on-the-go routine by every woman.

Smokey Eye Makeup

Tip: For Smokey Eye Makeup use pencil eyeliner, as it is softer and creamier so it blends easily and gives a no-effort look.

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