How To Apply Eyelashes Step by Step Guide

How To Apply Eyelashes For BeginnersHow To Apply Eyelashes For Beginners

Having thick and full eyelashes is every girl’s dream, they get jealous every time they see a woman or a man with those heavy and wavy eyelashes, flaunting like the asset they are. If you are such girl or lady who want to have a beautiful look with heavy and full eyelashes, but it is just a dream for you, you can always use False eyelashes.

It is already a trend nowadays, you can see every video of makeup tutorial with the model gluing false lashes on herself. If you think that it is a tough task, and you won’t e able to pull it off, then you are completely wrong; practice will definitely make you perfect.  You can always start learning a new skill, be it to enhance your beauty or any other task. So, Let’s start with the tutorial on How To Apply Eyelashes Yourself.

How To Apply Eyelashes Step By Step

If you are just a beginner, you can start by using small steps at a time. You need to be careful with all the things that you are going to use as you will be working with your eyes here.

Things you will need to start:

  1. False Eyelashes
  2. Glue
  3. Good Quality Mascara
  4. Tweezers
  5. Steady hands

Just follow these simple step and get gorgeous eyes in no time:

How To Apply Eyelashes Step By Step

Step 1: Complete your full makeup and make sure you curl your eyelashes and apply a thin mascara before beginning


How To Apply Eyelashes Yourself.Step 2: Carefully and gently remove the false lash from its box using a tweezer. Measure how much you are going to need and carefully cut it.


How To Apply Eyelashes Yourself.Step 3: Grip your False eyelash with the tweezer and apply a thin layer of lash glue on the band.

How To Apply Eyelashes Yourself.      Step 4: Wait 10-15 seconds to let the glue to adhere to the band.






How To Apply Eyelashes Step By StepStep 5: Keeping your chin up, and eyes down, carefully paste the lashes as close as possible to your actual lash line, starting from the outer corner towards the inner corner.




How To Apply Eyelashes Step By StepStep 6: Your look is complete.



How To Apply Eyelashes Extensions

The never-ending race for having eyelashes, trying various types of mascara brands, can be really frustrating sometimes. But, you gotta do what you gotta do; so you try every brand that is available in the market and go on with your life.

If you need a temporary fix for this problem, you can also try temporary Eyelash Extensions. These are best for those who do not want to apply their mascara again and again. With being fascinating, these need to be used carefully. You need to take extra care of these, as they are high maintenance.

Before going for a lash extension, try to gather as much information as you can. What kind of eyelash you need, which type of lash you want etcetera.

It might seem Easy To Apply Eyelashes, but you should choose the best saloon for it. They know what they are doing and you won’t be harming your eyes or natural eyelashes.Step 6: Your look is complete. How To Apply Eyelashes Extensions


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