How To Apply Foundation – Guide Step By Step To Flawless Skin

Being a Diva and looking flawless everytime is not an easy task, it takes a professional to reach that place. But a professional is also created from a beginner. Starting makeup at a beginners level can be quiet overwhelming since it includes the use of several products. Even application of foundation has several steps and several methods like beauty blenders, foundation stick and more.
If you are looking for a simple guide on How To Apply Foundation Flawlessly, this article will fulfill the purpose.

How To Apply Foundation For Beginners

Step 1. Start with a Clean Face

Preparation of Face is really important, begin with cleansing your face using foaming or oil cleanser, then apply moisturizer according to your skin type. 

Step 2. Primer and Concealer

Primer is an important step before applying foundation as it sets a base for your makeup. It allows smooth application of makeup and long-lasting effects. 

Step 3. Apply Foundation

There are many types of foundations that you can try, oil based, cream based, powder based, according to your skin type. apply sufficient amount on your face and blend it using your fingers, sponge or a brush.

Step 4. Set your foundation

Set the foundation using a setting powder, you can even use normal face powder to set your look. It controls the sweat production and absorbs access oil on your face.

Steps To Apply Foundation Stick

Foundation Stick is a cream based foundation which can be applied directly using the stick. Just apply it on your face and blend it like a regular foundation.

Step By Step To Apply Foundation With A Brush

Foundations are of various types, Liquid foundation is the most liked by women all around the world. Using a foundation brush is the best way to apply liquid foundation on your face. Be careful and always use a clean brush. 

How To Apply Foundation With A Sponge

A sponge or beauty blender is used to blend the foundation in your skin. It is used to make the access foundation disappear and make your look perfect. Use it carefully around the hairline and jawline, don’t leave any patchy marks.

Method To Apply Foundation With Fingers

Fingers can be used to apply foundation when you are in an absolute hurry. This method is an easy and fast way to apply liquid foundation. Just take a small amount of foundation on the back of your hand and using your fingers with dabbing motion, apply it all over your face.

If you are still unsure on how to apply the foundation, you can watch this How To Apply Foundation Video

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