How To Apply Makeup Primer : Guide Step By Step

If you are a person who loves makeup but cannot understand why it keeps on caking on your face, this article is the right one for you. The simple step to make your makeup look fabulous is just applying a little primer before everything.

How To Apply Makeup Primer

Now if you ask What Is Primer, the answer is simple. It the base of your makeup. It makes your makeup application smoother and helps it last longer. It is applied before you apply foundation, just put a pea-sized portion of the primer and apply all over your face.

Way To Apply Face Primer

Application of Primer is a very simple process. It is the most essential part of the routine after moisturizer. People often skip this step thinking that it is not necessary, but they are really just missing out. The way of applying primer on face includes a few simple steps, read along to know more about primer.

Step By Step To Use Makeup Primer

What you need:
1. Primer
2. Clean fingertips

Step 1. Prep your skin.

Skin preparation is an important step before applying Primer. Use a good quality moisturizer on clean skin. Make sure moisturizer suits your skin and doesn’t make your skin sweat.

What Is Primer

Step 2. Apply Primer
Take a small amount of primer on the back of your hand and using your fingers, apply little at a time from nose to the outer area. This will make your skin look more even and allow the even spreading of the foundation.

How To Apply Primer

Tip: Less is more in the case of Primer. Use a pea-sized amount and spread it evenly on your face.

How To Use Face Primer For Long Lasting Face Makeup

If you still have doubt on How To Apply Primer On Face and whether it is a good choice or not, you must try it yourself. It is a very simple procedure but helps a lot while doing your makeup routine.

Tip: Apply the primer around the eyes and lids also, as this area needs the most coverage.


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